Omar's mom-Veena

Derek's dad-Alan

Derek's mom (Denise Sr)-Catherine



In every Derek gets grounded series, I include his sister, Kumi because she's the only sister I like besides Zara and Robin (Evil Rosie). I used to hate Rosie but not anymore since the birth of Robin, her evil clone. Anyways, this is the sequel to Little Bill Breaks Hannah's legs.


Derek: Omar, you are ungrounded ungrounded ungrounded forever. Feel free to do what you like.

Omar: Yes! I can't wait!

Derek: Yes! I ungrounded Omar!

Omar: Look, Mom. Derek just ungrounded me.

Omar's mom: Oh my God! Derek Alan Crystal, how dare you unground Omar?! That's it! Go home now!

Derek: I hope my parents and sister don't hear about this!

Omar's mom: As for you Omar, you are grounded grounded grounded until Fall!

Omar: Mom, how many times do I have to tell you?! Little Bill broke Hannah's legs so I spanked him to teach him a lesson! Please unground me and ground Little Bill right now!

Omar's mom: No! I won't unground you for that! Go to your room now!

(at home, and Derek's family is angry)

Alan: Derek, what makes you think you can unground Omar?! You'd better explain this to us!

Derek: Mom, Dad and Kumi, Omar should be ungrounded because Little Bill broke Hannah's legs.

Denise Sr: We don't care! Do you ever unground a troublemaker like Omar? No!

Kumi: Also, the police could have arrested Omar for injuring someone!

Alan: Your sister is right, Derek! That was completely unnaceptable of what you have done!

Derek: Mom, Dad and Kumi, Omar did the right thing by spanking Little Bill. Give him another chance.

Alan: He doesn't deserve another chance or get ungrounded! You are grounded grounded grounded until you are ready to apologize to Little Bill! Go to your room now!

Derek (running upstairs): Will do Dad.